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A list of all peer reviewed publications can be found at Prof. Pompano’s Google Scholar page.

Biochemical Tools to Visualize Immunity

Kinman_Abstract TOC_Figure.png

Making antibody fragments just right

Kinman AWL & Pompano RR. "Optimization of enzymatic antibody fragmentation for yield, efficiency, and binding affinity." Bioconjugate Chemistry (2019), 30(3): 800-807. [Link]

SliceStaining_Revised_TOC Figure.png

Live immunostaining

Groff BD* (#), Kinman AWL*, Woodroof JF (#), & Pompano RR. "Immunofluorescence staining of live lymph node tissue slices." Journal of Immunological Methods (2019), 464, 119-125. *Equal contributions. [DOI] [Accepted Manuscript PDF] [SI]

Microfluidics for Immunology

Figure abstract_v4.png

Linking two tissues on-chip for tumor-immunity

Shim S, Belanger MC, Harris AR, Munson JM, & Pompano RR. “Two-way communication between tissues on a microfluidic chip: application to tumor-lymph node interaction.” Lab on a Chip (2019), 19, 1013-1026. [PubMed] [DOI: 10.1039/C8LC00957K]

Part of the LOC Organ-, body- and disease-on-a-chip themed collection.


Stimulating tissue on-demand

Catterton MA, Dunn AF, & Pompano RR. "User defined local stimulation of living tissue through a movable microfluidic port." Lab on a Chip (2018), 18: 2003-2012. DOI: 10.1039/C8LC00204E. [Pubmed]

Featured in Lab on a Chip Emerging Investigator Series.


Measuring diffusion in living tissue

Ross AE, Pompano RR. "Diffusion of cytokines in live lymph node tissue using microfluidic integrated optical imaging." Analytica Chimica Acta (2018), 1000, 205-213. [Full Text][Accepted Manuscript PDF]

Featured in the 1000th volume of Analytica Chimica Acta

Early work highlighted in C&E News coverage of the 2017 national meeting of the American Chemical Society.


Local stimulation of live lymph node tissue

Ross AE, Belanger MC, Woodroof JF (#), Pompano RR. "Spatially resolved microfluidic stimulation of lymphoid tissue ex vivo," Analyst (2017), 142, 649-659 [PubMed] [Full Text] [Accepted Manuscript PDF]


Review: Local effects in biological systems

Pompano RR, Chiang AH, Kastrup CJ, Ismagilov RF. "Conceptual and Experimental Tools to Understand Spatial Effects and Transport Phenomena in Nonlinear Biochemical Networks Illustrated with Patchy Switching," Annual Review of Biochemistry (2017), 86 [Abstract]

Work performed performed prior to UVA


Development of chemically-defined, peptide-based nanoparticles as non-inflammatory vaccines

Si Y,  Wen Y,  Chen J,  Pompano RR,  Han H,  Collier JH, & Chong AS. “MyD88 in antigen-presenting cells is not required for CD4+ T-cell responses during peptide nanofiber vaccination,” MedChemComm (2018), 9, 138-148. DOI:  10.1039/C7MD00367F

Mora-Solano C, Wen Y, Han H, Chen J, Chong AS, Miller ML, Pompano RR, & Collier JH. "Active immunotherapy for TNF-mediated inflammation using self-assembled peptide nanofibers," Biomaterials (2017), 149, 1–11. [Pubmed]

Pompano RR*, Chen J*, Verbus EA (#), Han H, Fridman A, McNeely T, Collier JH, & Chong AS. “Titrating T-Cell Epitopes within Self-Assembled Vaccines Optimizes CD4+ Helper T Cell and Antibody Outputs,” Advanced Healthcare Materials (2014), 3(11): 1898-908. *Equal contributions. [PubMed] [PDF]


Chen J*, Pompano RR*, Santiago FW, Maillat L, Sciammas R, Sun T, Han J, Topham DJ , Chong AS, & Collier JH “The use of self-adjuvanting nanofiber vaccines to elicit high-affinity B cell responses to peptide antigens without inflammation,” Biomaterials (2013) 34(34): 8776–8785.  *Equal contributions.  [PubMed]



Purpose-driven microfluidic device design

Pompano RR, Platt CE (#), Karymov MA, & Ismagilov RF “Control of initiation, rate, and routing of capillary-driven flow of liquid droplets through microfluidic channels on SlipChip,” Langmuir (2012) 28(3): 1931-1941  [PubMed]


Nichols KP, Pompano RR, Li L, Gelis AV, & Ismagilov RF "Toward Mechanistic Understanding of Nuclear Reprocessing Chemistries by Quantifying Lanthanide Solvent Extraction Kinetics via Microfluidics with Constant Interfacial Area and Rapid Mixing," J American Chemical Society (2011) 133(39):15721-15729.   [Full Text]

Pompano RR, Liu W, Du W, & Ismagilov RF “Microfluidics Based On Spatially-Defined Arrays of Droplets in One, Two, and Three Dimensions,” Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry (2011) 4:59-81.  (Review article)  [Full Text]


Analysis of complex biochemical networks (blood clotting) using microfluidics and numerical simulations

Shen F, Pompano RR, Kastrup CJ & Ismagilov RF "Confinement Regulates Complex Biochemical Networks: Initiation of Blood Clotting by "Diffusion Acting"," Biophysical Journal (2009) 97, 2137-2145.  [PubMed]


Pompano RR, Li HW & Ismagilov RF "Rate of mixing controls rate and outcome of autocatalytic processes: Theory and microfluidic experiments with chemical reactions and blood coagulation," Biophysical Journal (2008) 95, 1531-1543.  [PubMed] [Full Text]


Kastrup CJ, Boedicker JQ, Pomerantsev AP, Moayeri M, Bian Y, Pompano RR, Kline TR, Sylvestre P, Shen F, Leppla SH, Tang WJ & Ismagilov RF "Spatial localization of bacteria controls coagulation of human blood by 'quorum acting'," Nature Chemical Biology (2008) 4, 742-750.  [PubMed]


Prior research interests

Russell LE, Pompano RR, Kittredge KW & Leopold MC "Assembled nanoparticle films with crown ether-metal ion "sandwiches" as sensing mechanisms for metal ions," J of Materials Science (2007) 42, 7100-7108.  [Full Text]

Pompano RR, Wortley PG, Moatz LM, Tognarelli DJ, Kittredge KW & Leopold MC "Crown ether-metal "sandwiches'" as linking mechanisms in assembled nanoparticle films," Thin Solid Films (2006) 510, 311-319.  [Full Text]

Tognarelli DJ, Miller RB, Pompano RR, Loftus AF, Sheibley DJ & Leopold MC "Covalently networked monolayer-protected nanoparticle films," Langmuir (2005) 21, 11119-11127.  [Full Text]

Liu J, Shang XM, Pompano R & Eisenthal KB "Antibiotic assisted molecular ion transport across a membrane in real time," Faraday Discussions (2005) 129, 291-299.