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Innovative Analytical Tools

for Immunology

We create new chemical and microfluidic tools reveal the role of spatial organization in immunity and inflammation.  

Our work starts with a question such as:

  • How do cells of the immune system respond to chemical stimulation?  How do the location and the timing of stimulation affect the response?
  • How do local inflammatory chemical signals drive the chronic inflammation seen in autoimmune disease?

Once we have narrowed the question and formed a testable hypothesis, we build the microfluidic devices, chemical assays, and computational models that are needed to conduct the experiment. See the Research page for more information about current projects in the lab.

Ultimately, our work will create new tools to understand how the immune system is organized.  We and others will use these tools to make progress towards therapies for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, and solid tumors.