Pompano crew marched for science!

The science policy decisions and research advances made in the next few years have the potential to impact the quality of life on earth for decades or even centuries to come. Scientific data needs to inform decisions made on everything from addressing the changing climate, to choosing which energy sources to invest in, to regulating pharmaceuticals and genetically modified foods.  Furthermore, scientific research (largely funded by the U.S. government) is needed to solve major societal problems -- for example, by researching how diseases progress and how best to stop them.  We marched to bring attention to all of these issues, and to help fire up the scientific community to promote continued advocacy going forward.

On April 22, 2017, Dr. Pompano and her family marched right here in Charlottesville, while Jenn Ortiz made the trip to Washington, DC to be part of the 40,000 scientists and supporters who participated in the main march.  We were proud to be part of this world-wide event.

Posted on May 3, 2017 .