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Postdoctoral Research Associate Position in

Immuno-microfluidics and Immunoengineering


The Pompano Laboratory at the University of Virginia has one or more openings for a Postdoctoral Research Associate.  Our lab performs innovative research at the intersection of bioanalytical chemistry, immunology, and microscale engineering and is a superb training environment for interdisciplinary researchers. 

We seek motivated, creative scientists or engineers

to work on projects in the area of immuno-microfluidics and immunoengineering:

  1. Microfluidic devices combined with living samples of intact lymphoid tissue, to look at effects of local stimulation on inflammatory responses to vaccination (funded by NIH R01 award).

  2.  Microfluidic devices to model tumor immunity and/or neuro-immunology.

  3.  3D cell-culture combined with microfluidics to generate organ-on-chip models of the immune system.  


 Researchers in our lab have the opportunity to write high-impact scientific papers, gain experience with grant proposals, present at national conferences, and provide leadership within the lab.  A PhD in Chemistry, Biomedical or Chemical Engineering, or a related discipline, with appropriate hands-on experience with microfluidics and/or tissue culture or 3D cell cultures, is required.

Interested?  Email Prof. Pompano at pompanogroup@virginia.edu for more information.

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