We welcome applications from motivated researchers

for a postdoctoral position in our lab!

We are growing and plan to hire one or more positions in various areas in the next year.

Contact Prof. Pompano if you are interested in learning more.


The Pompano Laboratory at the University of Virginia has one or more openings for a Postdoctoral Research Associate.  Our lab performs innovative research at the intersection of bioanalytical chemistry, immunology, and microscale engineering and is a superb training environment for interdisciplinary researchers. 

We seek motivated, creative scientists or engineers

to work on projects in immuno-microfluidics and immunoengineering.

Ongoing projects areas that you could join and lead include:

  • Designing a novel model of a lymph node using microfluidics and biomaterials

  • Collaborating with engineers and immunologists to test the efficacy of in vitro and ex vivo models of immunity


We provide an excellent training environment and a well-funded laboratory. After initial training and orientation, you will provide leadership within the lab, assist in the training of graduate and undergraduate students, help maintain a high-energy and collegial lab culture, lead collaborations with other labs as appropriate for the project, maintain detailed scientific records of your work, and help keep laboratory safety regulations. You will have the opportunity to write exciting scientific papers and grant proposals and to present at national and or international conferences.

A PhD in Biomedical or Chemical Engineering, Immunology, Chemistry, or a related discipline, with appropriate hands-on experience, is required.

Because our lab is interdisciplinary, the candidate must have a demonstrated ability and eagerness to learn new techniques and skills and to clearly explain the impact of their research, as attested to by their recommendation letters, publication record, and interview. The most important thing is leadership ability, ability to bring projects to completion, and ability to communicate your ideas.

Excited? Email Prof. Pompano at pompanogroup@virginia.edu for more information.