Analyst Cover

Our article entitled "Spatially resolved microfluidic stimulation of lymphoid tissue ex vivo" has been printed in The Analyst and has been featured on the cover! 

A PDF version of the full text of the publication can be accessed here.

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Dr. Pompano goes to Richmond capitol

On January 12, 2017, the first Thursday of the legislative session, Colleen Taylor (faculty at Virginia State) and Rebecca Pompano (UVA) participated in Virginia Higher Education Advocacy Day at the Virginia General Assembly in Richmond.  The theme of the day was “Hands off Higher Education -- Maintaining Commonwealth Support for Higher Education.”

As faculty, we urged our state delegates and senators to resist the temptation to cut funds further from public education: state funding per student already declined by 46% and 31% for 4-year and community colleges respectively, from FY 2001 to FY 2014.(1)  Funding for education directly affects the quality of science training that Virginia students receive to prepare them for future careers and active citizenship.

We especially thank Charlottesville's Delegate David Toscano for taking the time to meet with us.  We appreciate his strong ongoing support for higher education. 

1. D. Toscano, “Politics and The Great Cost Shift in State-Funded Higher Education.” Virginia General Assembly Update.  October 20, 2016.

 From left: Brian Turner (Randolph-Macon College), Colleen Taylor (Virginia State), Rebecca Pompano (UVA), Gerry Sherayko (Randolph College, President of VA Conference of American Association of University Professors)

From left: Brian Turner (Randolph-Macon College), Colleen Taylor (Virginia State), Rebecca Pompano (UVA), Gerry Sherayko (Randolph College, President of VA Conference of American Association of University Professors)

Quote visible on the wall of VA state capitol:  "Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government." --Thomas Jefferson, 1789.

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Welcome Austin!

The Pompano lab is happy to welcome Austin Dunn as a new first year graduate student!  Welcome to the lab and we all look forward to working with you!

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MicroTAS in Dublin!

Dr. Pompano and Dr. Ross both attended this year's MicroTAS conference in Dublin, Ireland!  MicroTAS is a  world-wide microfluidics conference where Dr. Ross presented on the local stimulation device.

Dr. Pompano took part in the outreach program.

Overall it was a great conference and we look forward to many more in the coming months!

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Welcome Hannah Freeman!

The Pompano lab is participating in a new summer research opportunity, the First Year Research Experience (FYRE).  This program gives underclassmen from underrepresented groups in the sciences an opportunity to experience research early in their collegiate careers.   Through this program we welcome Hannah Freeman of Dillard University in New Orleans!  We look forward to all the great work you'll do this summer Hannah!

For more information about the FYRE program please click here

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Dr. Ashley Ross Selected for AAI Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr. Ashley Ross has been selected for postdoctoral funding through a 2016 AAI Careers in Immunology Fellowship to Prof. Pompano!  This program from the American Association of Immunologists supports the career development of AAI members and trainees.  This award focus on a new project at the interface of microfluidics and neuroimmunology. Congrats Ashley!

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Welcome Dr. Sangjo Shim!

The Pompano lab is pleased to welcome Dr. Sangjo Shim!  Sangjo comes to the lab with a rich background in biomedical engineering and microfluidics expertise.  He earned his Ph.D. in 2014 from the Univeristy of Texas, Austin school of biomedical engineering.  Welcome to the lab!

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Congrats Jenn!!

Jenn has been awarded a prestigious biotechnology training grant.  This grant's purpose is to transform strong graduate students into exceptional scientists through both scientific and career training, including the opportunity for a summer internship at a biotechnology company!  The funding for this grant comes through the NIGMS at the NIH.

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