The Pompano Lab is grateful to the following organizations for funding our research.  Without them this work wouldn't be possible.

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Additional funding for student researchers comes from the following organizations:


We are proudly affiliated with the following centers and institutions:

The BIG Center, part of University of Virginia's medical school, focuses on the connections between the immune system and the brain.  We are excited about working with the center as we expand our work into Alzheimer's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

The Carter Immunology Center is a division of the University of Virginia's medical school.  We work with members of the center on projects related to vaccine development, immune mechanisms of cancer and other diseases, and inflammatory dynamics.

UVA's nanoSTAR Institute is a place where all disciplines that work on the nanoscale can come together and share ideas.  The research groups here span from biomedicine to energy conservation, all using state of the art technologies to advance their work.